Monday, December 12, 2011


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I really enjoyed this product for that it was easy to use and pretty much mess free. (but do remember to wash your hands immediately afterwards otherwise it stains a bit) It really does give you a tan and the tan stays for quite some time if you don't exfoliate often. The set cost $39.95 which is not too shabby considering you get five things in the set.
sunlabs dark sunsation beach bag set

sunlabs dark sunsation beach bag set

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Dark Sunsation - Beach Bag Set
Sun Laboratories "Dark Sunsation" Set

This sunless tanning system is a must try for anyone who likes to have a great tan all year round. This system is very easy to use.

First exfoliate your whole body with Exfoliating Body Gel to clean and revitalize skin.

Then apply Tan Maintainer Moisturizer on any dry area. This will keep your tan looking flawless. Then apply everyday to help maintain your tan.

Apply Sun Labs Dark Sunless Tanning Lotion all over body. This product is so gentle you can even use it on your face. It comes out a nice chocolate brown so you can see where it is being applied. This great tan will last 5 to 7 days. Apply every few days to get even a darker richer tan.

Sun Labs Beach Bag is a great gift with purchase. You will find many uses for this bag.

This set includes:
1 Very Dark Self-Tanning Lotion 8 oz
1 Exfoliating Body Scrub 8 oz
1 Tan Maintaining Moisturizing Lotion 8 oz
1 Exfoliating Net Sponge
1 Sun Labs Beach Bag (Gift with Purchase)

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