Monday, March 26, 2012

haul series! mini hauls plus mini reviews

I've been really bad with putting up new videos again. Finals really have gotten the best of me. On top of the lack of sleep my face has been having a mind of its own too and decided to flare out with twenty million red, inflamed little guys. Anyways, I thought it'd be best if I made myself stick to something and put out something on a regular basis. Since I haven't been doing a lot of new looks/tutorials, I think it'd be forcing it to put out new tutorials since I don't really have any new materials. BUT! I do shop and buy stuff whenever I see things I like and I do end up buying a lot of new products without even noticing. So it would probably be a good idea to share these my thoughts on these things. :)

Here we go, this shall be the first of many future haul posts!

Items bought:


Dickinson's witch hazel-Daily Facial Toner 16 oz (473 ml) $2.99(sale)

 I think this is my new holy grail toner! I've been using Olay's but that one hasn't really done me any good for a good long time, so I resorted to another that I had purchased from Ulta not too long ago, and that hadn't done my skin any good either, especially now since I've been breaking out quite a bit lately. Well, I found Dickinson's witch hazel-daily facial toner at walgreens the other day. and I thought I'd give it a try since it claims to be 100% natural. I used it last night, along with the L'oreal collagen face moisturizer that I got on the same day, and this morning when I woke up, MY FACE WAS IN MUCH BETTER CONDITION. Now obviously I haven't used it long enough to really see its claims of pore perfecting powers, but I have seen an improvement in my broken out face in terms of redness and the amount of inflammation. I will give some further accounts of this after I use it a bit more. ps. This smells horrible, but I can overlook that for its' other goodness.

Price: $2.99 On SALE! cheappppppp!!!!!! $5.49 regular price

 2. L'Oreal SKIN EXPERTISE Collagen Moisture Filler Day/Night Cream ($~12)

I got this guy along with the toner mentioned above in attempt to better my horrible skin (dreaded finals and no sleep). This claims to provide moisture and fill in fine lines and wrinkles after a few weeks of use. Now it says it uses collagen to give immediate hydration and it is noncomedogenic two things that I really need at the moment. Don't want anything that will clog my pores and do need the hydration! Now when you open it, the scent, is very old lady like. But i didn't mind it. I really just need a good product. The texture of this is very thick, when you put it on your face it's not really a hydrating feeling. More like just any other regular thick cream. HOWEVER! after i woke up in the morning, my face DOES feel much smoother and looks supple. I don't know if it will break me out since I haven't used it long enough. But for now I can honestly say that I DO LIKE THIS! will update after more usage. 

3.   Wet n Wild WildShine Nail Polish in Sunny Side Up and Hallucinate $.99! 

(images taken from Nouveau Cheap)never really thought these would be any good, but I gave them a try and laaaaved them! Well not so much the orange one since i had to put on a good three coats to get the color and opacity that I wanted. But I LOVED the glitter polish. The glitters actually came out and they reflect light in a confetti like manner. And the glitters stay on your nails for a long time and doesn't flake off! Really like these wet n wild polishes and they are so cheap! I really like a lot of wet n wild's products :). 

4. Elf Brightening Eye Pencil in Purple $1

This little pencil comes with a sharpener and cost only one dollar! For a dollar, it's actually really nice. I swatched it first on my hand and the swatch was actually very true to color. It goes on fairly smoothly, but the holding power isn't that great. Does smudge, but it never claimed to be smudge proof or waterfroof. I use this on my lower lash line for that pop of color and something fun and it works the best layered on top of a darker waterproof/smudge proof eyeliner for me. It's something cheap and fun that will add a bit of something something to your look if you are looking for something fun.