Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Lookbook Part II (Photos)

Part II of my summer lookbook is going to be live on Youtube sometime this week! Before you guys hop over and check that out (when it's out) I thought I'd share some photos as preview to what's coming.
Part II consists of three more outfits featuring crop tops: "Festival Ready", "Beachy Boho", and "Office Friendly". Again, I can't stress how versatile a crop top (or an alteration of a crop top) can be! I love crop tops for one because I have a long torso and it balances out my proportions a bit; two, there's just so many different things you can do with them (dress them up dress them down, dress them however you want really). 
The first outfit here features a black sheer lace bustier for Forever21, it's not your conventional crop top in that it is more like a corset than anything but it gives similar length to that of a croptop giving the illusion of the same look. In this look I also incorporated something light, a fringe corchet cardigan to give the look some softness. Lastly, the playful floral headband pulls the look together, giving it the appropriate accent to the theme. 
Outfit two is the love child of a beachy look and a boho flare, so I decided to call it "Beachy Boho" hahahahaha. (how creative am I? *blatant sarcasm here*) In this look I featured a tube top, giving the entire look a more tropical vibe. Again, the length and size of the tubetop mimic those of a croptop, giving a similar visual appearance. A chiffon maxi skirt adds some airiness/ relaxation to the look, perfect for a slightly boho spin. Lastly, a beach hat and a black lace cardigan(not shown here, can be seen in the lookbook video on Youtube) pulls together the look allowing this combo to be the perfect love child of "Beachy Babe" and "Boho Goddess". ( I clearly liked the pictures from this part a little too much. XD )
Lastly, I wanted to show that not only can a crop top be dressed up and down, it can also be dressed for a professional setting. Throw on a pair of sexy secretary heels and a nicely fitted pencil skirt, then you got yourself a perfect office appropriate look. I also added a chunky necklace to give the look some accent. And there you have it! Three more looks for three more occasions! Please stay tuned for the video lookbook, I'm so excited for you guys to see that! Until next time. 

Details will be updated in video lookbook: 

(link to be added)


  1. Soooo kawaii!! Love your style and your hair! I live in SoCal too and would love to collaborate ^_____^