Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How To: Pastel Hair Extensions

Sometimes I like to look like a mermaid alien princess, and this is how I do it :D with hair extensions!
In this video I'll be showing you what extensions I use and how I dye them.

Vpfashion Hair Extension: 
Coupon Code: yueh01 ($10.00)
Hair color: white blonde (613A)
Hair length: 18 inches (160g)
Hair texture: silky straight

The process to obtaining beautiful mermaid hair is really quite simple. All you need to do is some extensions that are bleached blonde and some semi permanent hair dye of your choice. 
Here I used Vpfashion extensions in 613A since it is very light. The dye that I used is Beyond the Zone Color Jamz in: "not so shy violet" and "purple passion". Mixed both of those colors in with some white conditioner and added a few drops of the Fanciful hair rinse in "true steel" (Although this is a temporary color I still added it for a hint of gray in the mixture). Applied this mixture all over the extensions and let them sit for about 3-5 mins. By this time your extensions should take in the dye and change to the color of your liking. Rinse the extensions and let them air dry. 

That's all! :D

Original Extensions

Extensions with dye mixture applied

After coloring (wet)

To style I used the NuMe Lustrum with its pearl attachment included in the set. Results can be seen below:

Gradient Purple Pastel Hair

Gradient Purple Pastel Hair

Gradient Purple Pastel Hair

Gradient Purple Pastel Hair

Until next time! <3

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