Thursday, December 11, 2014

Changing the color of your eyes permanently?

We all know that changing the color of your eye is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the invention of colored lenses. But this is only a temporary solution. How far are people willing to go for a permanent change? I did a bit of digging around on Youtube/ Google and actually found that there IS a "permanent" way to change one's eye color. But with this method comes with great compromises... (ominous foreshadow).
The iris is the part of the eye that allows different colors. On top of that it also serves to allow / prevent light from coming into the eye, like the aperture of a camera does. So naturally, it is a crucial part of our vision. Through the invention of colored contact lenses we can easily change the color of our iris but lately there's been something called a iris implant that allows for a permanent change! Originally, this procedure was developed for individuals with genetic disfigurements of the iris, those who were born with damaged iris or the lack of iris completely. A small incision is made under the cornea and a colored silicone pad is inserted into the slit then spread out to fit the iris. With the improved aesthetic results on those patients, black market doctors are implementing this procedure on healthy individuals for lucrative capitals. More people are resorting to black market doctors for this procedure and flying out of the country to achieve the look they want since it is not approved here in the states. Although this procedure sounds like a great idea, giving people the opportunity to take on a completely different colored eye, it comes with great risks and complications that are definitely not worth it at all. "Studies of people who've had the procedure show iris implants can seriously damage eyes and vision. In one case, a patient lost most of her natural irises in both eyes. As a result, she suffered severe light sensitivity and lost much of her vision". 
I'll include some footage from Youtube that I had found so you can get a better sense of the procedure as well as the complications that could follow. I wanted to make this blog post to bring to your attention that although this sounds like a good idea, in reality it's probably not, and it's probably a good idea to steer away from it and any black market procedures.

***If you search iris implant in YouTube you can find tons of videos regarding this topic.

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