Friday, January 2, 2015

Giveaway Winners

Thank you for everyone that has entered my giveaway! Here are the winners :)
Winners were chosen randomly! If you won I have already contacted you directly through Instagram, congrats! :D

Circle Lens Winners:

Lily Nguy2
Hey I've been subscribed to you for a while and your hair videos have helped me so much! I've followed on instagram, my username is:@lily.ln:) if I'm lucky and win, I would love the "Max Pure Brown Circle Lens" no prescription thanks :) x

Hi! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I hope to see more in the future <3 everything You do on them is important and I LOVEEE how you do your make up and your hair <3 >.< I hope you do more make up tutorials <3 pleaseeee :3
I like the Geo tri color brown circle lenses or eos bubble Brown :)
So good luck everybody!!!! :D
My instagram: ame_medina

Love to win the GEO Hurricane Series - Dark Brown! Instagram: lovemariveles

Winner of Irresistible Diamond Straightener will be announced separately. 

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