Saturday, August 8, 2015

Blue Mermaid Hair

Got some new extensions from IrresistibleMe the other day, thought I'd go for a fun color this time and try blue. I've always had purple hair, various shades of it, now that I've ventured out of that realm it actually feels really weird haha. I'm not 100% used to my teal/blue hair just yet, on top of that I'm starting a new job this coming Monday so I'm kind of scared that it's going to leave an inaccurate impression of me. :( Ok, I'm just rambling again. Let me just show you guys how I styled this look using the IrresistibleMe 8 in 1 curling wand (pearl attachment). For more pictures you can visit my Instagram, oh and follow me on Snapchat (@lazybumtot) to see it in action!

1 comment:

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