Monday, September 13, 2010

GEO Hurricane Browns (HC-104)

i LOVE these lenses. They are almost comparable in comfort to my dueba mx-21's. the black ones.
they are the same sizes too!
The pattern is just as the title says - "hurricane"-like with spirally brown colors going around the entire lens.

these lenses are from, they were very fast with shipping(about a week) and customer service was good as well.

comfort - 9.5/10 they're very comfortable but still not as comfortable as the duebas.

design - 7/10 super cool, but very subtle.

color - 5/10 not very vibrant unless you take photos with flash.

enlargement - 7/10, subtle enlargement, not artificial looking

overall - 9/10! i love these lenses, like i said though they're very subtle, so don't expect a huge difference.

here's a video review and some pictures:
before lenses

natural lighting GEO Hurricane Browns (HC-104)

with flash GEO Hurricane Browns (HC-104)

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