Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting Double Eyelid Without Surgery (and my personal story)

Achieving Double Eyelid Without Surgery:

Types of tools: tape, glue, fiber, double sided tape, eyelid clip

what's best?
  • Glue for beginners with thick eyelids that tape will not hold.
  • Double sided tape that has similar effect as glue.
  • Thick tape ex: 3m
where to put the tape or glue?
  • Start off lower, if started too high the eyelid tends to unfold.
  • For people w/out double eyelid try 3cm above lash line. Then as time goes by, your eyelid will be able to fold more because the skin is loser and then you can move up.
  • For people who already have a small crease you can start higher. For people with a crease use tape and locate the bottom side of the tape with the line of your crease.
***And for people who have small creases already use the tape at night time and do so consistently for a few weeks to months will appear sooner than those who don't already have small creases.

My story:
(I've included pictures of my before and after, sorry for the bad quality of the pictures when I had single lids, it's harder for me to get pictures that long ago with good quality :( but I hope you get the idea of the contrast that I'm trying to show you guys**you can click on the pictures to view them in their original size)

I started wearing the glue in the seventh grade. I did not have eyelids at all. I wore the glue only during the day for a year or so and my left eye became double. My right eye is a little bit more stubborn. I let my eyes rest for a couple of month in between and didn't wear tape or glue and walked around with one double and one single. Then I started wearing glue again in high school. Right eye didn't not want to become double until the end of high school when the lid loosened up a bit more. In college I sleep less and my eyelid area some times gets really dry for some reason and this sort of helps the crease stay. There's less fat in the skin as we age and same in the eyelids. Since my eyelids are less fatty, the crease naturally tends to stay. And I'd say they've become a bit larger too. It definitely took years to get my eyelids to become double but it was well worth it. Even though surgery may give you drastic results faster, but I took the slower and more natural way to achieve my eyelids.
If you are someone who does not want to have surgery and want to save money then please follow the tips I've given above. :)

Good luck. <3

Double eyelid before and after
my permanent double eyelid now

double eyelid with makeup


  1. Thx so much for the vid!! How u described ur before lids is how one of mine is now!! I've seen eye charm glue on eBay but was hesitant on getting it thinking it wouldn't really work since it was so inexpensive... But I'm gonna get it now! ^_^ one question--which eyeliner do u use for eyelid tape? When I try to use a liquid eyeliner on my darkness brand lid tape, it just smudges rt off. And when I use a pencil eyeliner on lid tape, it doesn't even work :-/ pls help :)

  2. As gorgeous and beautiful and intelligent as you are I really don't understand why you would ever cry--the whole world lights up when you smile!

  3. I had mono eyelids when I was young, but when I was in grade 8 I used a clip (just a normal hair clip) to push my eyelids to make them double eyelids. It works fine but every time I go to sleep and wake up, my eyes become mono eyelid again. Now I'm going to be a senior next year, and it still happens. Does this happen to you? My eye lids appear double throughout the entire day if I don't take a long sleep. However,I spend less time using the clip to make my eyes double eyelids compared to the past. It used to take me forever and now it takes me less than a minute. I want my double eyelids to become permanent. My eyes become mono eyelid only after I sleep for a long time. Any suggestions for what I should do?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing ~ Yeah, the putti or tape really helps, I started less than 1 week already have creases without needing to rub haha... Moreover you are pretty even without make up .... Hope to get more tips from you ^.^

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for posting these useful tips here. I am trying to get permanent double eyelid forever. My left eye just wouldn't fold properly. There are more than one line now so I think it is harder to make a proper crease. I will have double eyelid when I rub my right eye. But the crease is like hidden. I would love to have bigger crease. Could you please explain how you started lower and then move up to bigger crease? Wouldn't the fold prefer to stay on the lower line? Mine seems that way. I am creating too many lines now. I am wondering I should just stick to the hidden crease and work on it to make it permanent. Please advise.

  6. wat type of glue can we use?? can u recommend any? i tried dendrite but it was too strong and harmful for my skin. please suggest me a glue brand.:D

  7. I see the resourcefulness in this. ;] And I say your patience is really rewarded! My concern, though, is the safety of this remedy. It might cause damage to the lids when done repeatedly. Just always be careful, especially when removing it. If not properly removed, it might give your eyes that droopy appearance.

    --> Jacinto

  8. A lot of people think that they are more beautiful with double eyelids. As they are very eager to have this feature, many decide to go through surgery in order to have it permanently. However, if you’re fine having temporarily double eyelids, well, cosmetic products such as eyelid glue or tape is pretty good and efficient for you.

    Terry Bayer

  9. If you want to achieve the perfect eyelid for you, it is best that you consult a trusted surgeon. Your desired eyelid can be achieved through non-surgical means, but it will take you a long time before you see the results. On the contrary, going to a surgeon for a surgical procedure can give you your desired results after only 1 to 2 operations.

    Marc Bryan

  10. hi bumtot!! i'm trying to get double eyelids! people keep saying monolids are also beautiful but I don't feel beautiful at all when everybody in my family has double lids and i'm the only one with monolids. I've been using eyelid glue during the day and when I sleep for around 4 months. When I tried not using glue at night, the skin does not fold when I wake up in the morning. Instead the skin has been looser after months of use and it's kind of soft and a little saggy over the eyelashes. did this happen to you too? should I continue using eyelid glue? please help!!