Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Circle Lens Review: Geo Bonaire Brown WFL-A64 (picture heavy)

Geo Flower Bonaire Brown Lens WFL-A64
geo bonaire wfl-a64 

Lenses are from: Mukuchu
They are based in Australia, and have a wide selection of GEO and GEOS lenses. Very nice owner, and great customer service! Definitely check them out :) 

Now on to the lenses: 

Power : 0.00 
Life Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 15 mm
B.C. : 8.7 mm
Water : 42%
C.T. : 0.07 mm (-3.00)
Manufacturer : GEO Medical
Color: Brown

Comfort: 9/10
 very comfortable, despite the large size, they do not shift around in the eye and are quite gentle on the eyes. you don't feel any scratch at all and they don't make your eyes feel tired or anything. at least not to my eyes. 
Enlargement: 10/10 
these are 15mm in diameter, very large indeed. so the enlargement is without question. 
Pattern: 8/10
the pattern is very subtle and soft, blends very well with natural eye color 
Overall: 9/10
I like these! They are very comfortable, very effective in enlarging, and definitely make a difference!
They are a bit big for me to wear on a daily basis though in my opinion. I like to go for something a bit smaller on a day to day basis. But on those days when I feel like looking like a doll I definitely think these do the job! 
The pattern isn't fake looking in the eye at all when you wear them with a bit of makeup. I like them quite a bit when I put on some false lashes. 
Should you get them? Yes! 
Stash them for a dolly look or simply just a pick me up in the morning and these will give you an instant fresh look! :)

if you are interested in purchasing them you can go here:

Now some pictures! Tons of them. Hope this gives you an idea of how they look in person :D 

geo bonaire wfl-a64 room lighting

wfl-a64 geo bonaire

geo bonaire wfl-a64 with flash

full face
geo bonaire wfl-a64 yellow light
geo bonaire wfl-a64 outdoor natural light

geo bonaire wfl-a64 outdoor natural light

no lenses

no lenses 

geo bonaire wfl-a64 indoor with flash

geo bonaire wfl-a64 indoor with light

no makeup with flash

 with makeup indoor  no flash

indoor with flash

no makeup indoor, no flash. you can really see the enlargement here


  1. I like these lenses ^^

  2. How did you clear up your skin? ^^