Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lens Review: GEO Plum WT-C23 Green Circle Lens 15mm/Coco Eye Green

Today I have another circle lens review for you guys. 
It's been long over due. But better late than never right? :p

These lenses are sponsored by Mukuchu 
please visit their site here if you are interested in geo and other brand lenses. 
they have a wide variety and the owner is very nice :) 
well let's get on with the review: 


 Diameter : 15.0mm
 Water Content : 42%
 Base Curve : 8.7mm
 Life Span : 1 year disposal
 Color: Green 


These lenses are very BIG let me tell ya. 
They are 15mm which definitely isn't the biggest circle lenses can go nowadays but these are up there to par. 
These almost remind me of the geo angel greens but bigger and the pattern is a bit different. 
The green isn't as dark as the geo angel greens which I quite like. It's a medium green that is very noticeable. 
If you want to go for the dolly eyed look, this is a perfect candidate for you. It enlarges, the color payoff is very nice, and the pattern is unique. 
However, if you want to go for a look that is less noticeable and more everyday look this may not be the one for you. 
I wore it for five hours with most of the hours feeling comfortable. Towards the end my eyes felt a bit strained because my eyes don't take large lenses well, not just this lens. 
I'd say if you have bigger eyes than me you will have no problem wearing them for a long time. 
They definitely make you look more awake and alert without much effort. 
Overall I like these lenses on the days I want to achieve a big eyed look :)

my verdict: 
Comfort: 7
Style: 8
Color: 9
Enlargement: 10

Here are some pictures: 
GEO Plum WT-C23 Green

GEO Plum WT-C23 Green 
GEO Plum WT-C23 Green with flash 

GEO Plum WT-C23 Green room lighting

GEO Plum WT-C23 Green before after

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  1. Aaah! Thank you for reviewing!
    I've been curious about the Geo Plum series for pretty long now and I must say that they look amazing! The green color looks so nice – it's surprisingly vibrant and of such a pleasant shade!


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