Saturday, April 19, 2014

My New Hair

So... It happened. I went dark. :(((((
Every time I realize my hair is no longer a pretty pastel purple my heart shattered a bit. Many of you probably already knew that I dyed my hair dark recently. Solely for the purpose of leaving more "professional" impressions at interviews. But guess what?! Since I've dyed my hair I've only been to one interview and I don't even know if they'll offer me a position still. (Falls to the ground in a dramatic manner)
It was such a hard decision to make considering the seven months of loving relationship I had with my pastel hair. I miss my pastel hair, I miss feeling like a fairy princess and I miss living in fairy land. I know I sound so crazy but I seriously miss it so much. :( I felt like it was one of those things that really connected with my personality and made me feel more true to myself. However, I took a risk and now I can only hope for the better and if you or anyone you know knows of open health/ biology related position...HOLLA AT YOUR GIRL. PLEASE.
Any way I used a box dye from the drug store (Revlon Color Silk in Natural Blue Black) and just painted that from the roots down to half way length of my hair and left that in for 30 minutes. (oh by the way I didn't go full black because I clearly have attachment issues...So I went for an Ombre look.)

Here are the before and afters:



  1. you’ve made some good points there. it’s a good idea !

  2. Aww but you still look super cute either way! :)