Thursday, February 20, 2014

Longer and thicker lashes? (Careprost day 1)

        Lashes, lashes, lashes! For those of you blessed with long, luscious lashes naturally, really consider yourselves lucky. Because for girls like me, with short, sparse, and brittle lashes, it has been one of my long struggles to find anything that will improve the condition of my lashes. I've tried drugstore lash serums like the one from revlon and another one from physicians formula, while these did condition my lashes, I did not see a difference in terms of length or thickness. I did witness less shedding of the lashes when I removed stubborn waterproof mascara, but that was the end of that. I have also tried the Mavala double lash, and similarly, I did experience less shedding and breakage, but in terms of GROWING longer and thicker lashes, the results were almost none existent. Disappointed, I stopped using serums for a very long time and decided to just accept my fate of short, sparse lashes and work with what I have (Mostly when I want a more dramatic look I just resort to false lashes because my real lashes really won't show up regardless of how many layers of mascara I wear).
        Recently, I have been reading up some great reviews on a product called Latisse. It is a glaucoma medication that had been proven to elongate lashes and make them thicker. I then checked on the price of this little bottle of miracle worker, and to my disappointment, one tiny bottle can cost you more than 100 dollars! Being a poor college student, of course that's not an option in my already tight budget. Fortunately, there is a cheaper alternative on the market with the same active ingredient bimatoprost. I don't know the exact science behind why this solution elongates the lashes but it has something to do with delaying the lash growth cycle so that they don't fall out as often? (not sure) But regardless of what the reasons behind it is, I was determined to give this a try and see for myself whether this tiny bottle of solution was going to create magically longer and thicker lashes for me.

        I was able to get a six months' supply from Mylashes4less and started using it on Feb 12. The process is very simple, take one drop of the solution onto the applicator and apply it on a clean lash line. I've been doing this every night since the first day and so far I do not see any drastic changes but I did notice some darkening of the eyelid as well as some minor irritations around the lash line. But I did read that these are normal responses upon initial stages of application. I'll keep using the product and I was told that results will show around 10-16 weeks (which is still quite awhile from now but with persistence I hope comes great results!) I will be making updates on my blog as well as youtube when I do see results.

lashes before initial application

Careprost can be purchased at MyLashes4Less for $26.99.

You can also watch my first impression and application of the solution here:


  1. Hey, I also have short, sparse, brittle lashes. I know it's only been 6 weeks or so, but how is it working for you so far?

  2. My lashes don't look significantly longer but I notice that when I apply mascara they seem to stand out a bit more than before I started using the serum. I'm planning on doing an update video soon so stay tuned :)

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