Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Purple Valentine's Day Look

Snap! It's going to be Valentine's day in less than two weeks! Time flies when you don't pay attention! I'm sure around this time of the year we are all preparing for the special day with that special someone. Whether it be just looking for a cute makeup look, an outfit idea, or even a gift inspiration, we are all out on the hunt to make that special day... special. In the past years I've always gravitated towards pink eye looks for Valentine's day to match the overall theme of the world when this time of the year comes around. But this year, I wanted to do something a bit different. Using a color I normally would not think of, at least not frequently at all. This purple look is a soft smokey eye with tons of flirty lashes for a dolly and big-eyed effect. Purple is a vibrant color but it is still rather neutral enough to be used for eyes of all color.
Lenses worn in this look are the T. Top 2 tone violets. They are very comfortable and although purple in color, they are very, very subtle with great ability to enlarge. These lenses can be purchased from Kpop2.

For detailed steps of how I achieved this look please visit my youtube channel here: 


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  1. I just saw one of your YT videos and I think you're the cutest thing in the world! I love all your colorful hair and makeup.

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