Monday, January 27, 2014

how to style a short bob

how to style a short bob

BOBS ARE IN! Having short hair may be terrifying to many of us but honestly once you hop on the bandwagon you might just fall in love with it! Short hair is so easy to maintain and style, you'll thank yourself to saving tons of time to do other things rather than meddling with your long locks! This past summer I decided to go short and I haven't for one second since then regretted the decision. I have a fairly small face so choosing a hair style that looks "okay" with my face shape had never been too difficult. But I find myself being the most content with shorter styles as longer strands tend to make me look weighed down and more tired. Lately I've been rocking a bob style on the shorter end of spectrum. It's just a few inches below my ears and not quite sitting above my shoulders. When I first go the hair cut I'd call it a pixie bob, as it was shorter and not so much of a regular shoulder length bob. Since getting the haircut I've been in love with how easy it is to style it and how much less time I need to spend to fake a more "put together" look. Although the length is restricting in the fact that you can't do any long hair styles but it is definitely a versatile style that could be molded for different occasions. Here I'll be showing you how I style my bob in a simple, mess free, method that will take less than five minutes of your day!

Tools Needed:
-Heat protectant (keeps your hair from getting fried)
-Large barrel curling iron (1 1/4 or 1 1/2)
(this will create lots of volume and give an airy look)
-Teasing comb (this is optional, for additional volume)
-Hair Spray (also optional, for lasting style)

1. Spray heat protectant and work well into hair for adequate protection
2. Use your curling iron and "curl" outwards using small strands of hair and work around your head
for added volume, lift hair vertically up at the crown.
3. Optional step: tease roots for added volume.
4. Optional step: spray with hair spray to lock style in place.

Final look:
curled bob style


For a more detailed tutorial you can watch a video tutorial here:


  1. this is SO HELPFUL, thanks so much!!! just out of curiousity, what products would you recommend for holding the curls in place? (i have oily hair) thanks again for this, i've been trying to style my awful flat bob for AGES xx

  2. PS how long does it usually take you to style your hair like this? and on an unrelated note, are you wearing different eyeliners in the banner photo and the 'final look' photos? the lower lash line seems a lot softer in the bottom photos. just wondering ^_^

    1. I recommend the tresemme hair sprays they come in different numbers for different levels of hold. It takes me around five minutes to do my hair since the barrel i use is quite large and my hair is pretty short. I am wearing the same makeup in both pictures maybe lighting makes a difference haha.

  3. Love it. You're making me want to cut my hair shorter! Mine's currently a long bob.

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  5. What type of curling tongs did you use? Thanks so much!