Monday, January 6, 2014

Bigger, Sexier Eyes: 3 Current Favorite Circlelenses

chick 3 brown, natural 3 tone gray, monet brown
It's been quite some time since I've blogged about anything, but this is definitely a blog worthy day! Today I bring you three of my current favorite lenses! Now, if you are new to circle lenses, they are colored cosmetic lenses that have color-changing as well as enlarging effects. They come in all shape and form in terms of pattern and color, and some are quite a bit larger than others. Depending on your personal taste, you are bound to find a pair that's perfect to your likings. I haven't been wearing lenses for awhile primarily due to laziness. But I've been trying out some new colors lately and I've been loving them. The first lens I bring to your attention is the G&G natural 3 tone gray lenses. They are sort of the miniature version of the Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Grays. Identical in pattern and color except the diameter is much smaller. These lenses still tend to look rather large in my eye due to their opaque color payoff as well as a darker limbo ring. You can refer to the picture.
G&G Natural 3 Tone Gray
Color payoff is amazing as you can see here. The lens has a bluish tint in real life and definitely leans more blue than gray. As far as comfort goes, they are not the most comfortable lenses. They'll start drying relatively quickly within five hours I'd say. I got these lenses from
They are pretty well known among the circle lens sites and if you are interested in lenses like this one please visit their website. 
The next lenses that I love wearing for some what of a sexier look are the LensMe Chick 3 Tone Browns. 
LensMe Chick 3 Brown
These lenses are very similar to the geo tri tone browns except they're a bit larger, and somewhat more vibrant. I really have no complaints in terms of color and enlargement. The only thing is though, these lenses have a base curve of 8.4mm compared to the usual 8.6mm of most lenses. They tend to shift in my eyes in the initial few minutes after putting them on but as my eyes adjust and dry a bit they stay in place just fine. Of course, I would never wear these for an extended period of time nor would I wear them every day. (only for special occasions)
I got these lenses from, They have quite a unique selection of lenses with brands that aren't as popular but still quite a large one nonetheless. If you want to try out new lenses and different brands than your usual geo or dueba then this is a site you must see!

top photo is natural eyes with no lenses

Lastly, these are the third pair of lenses that I've been enjoying quite a bit. They are the NeoVision Monet Browns. These have got to be one of the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn and they are super natural. The enlarging effects are minimal but they definitely add a bit more sparkle to the eye. I like wearing them for an every day look since they're not dramatic at all. And I really have to mention again, they are SOOO COMFEY! Their comfort triumphs anything else and just for that I'd go for them more often than my other lenses. You can also find these lenses are

NeoVision Monet Brown

So that about sums it up for my current favorite lenses. For detailed looks please watch the video I made about them here:


  1. Love all the colors on you! My favorite are the grey ones :)
    x J. from I ate noodles for breakfast

  2. I had these in grey and i love them!
    They were "unnatural" for me, but in the photos looked pretty nice and beautiful!!