Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dark Purple Hair

Oh. My. God.

I am so happy right now. It must've been ages since I've been this happy about my hair and let me tell you. It's a WONDERFUL feeling. Three months ago I went to a hair salon hoping they'd freshen up my pastel purple without additional damage since they used Olaplex. But the stylist who did my hair obviously had no idea what he was doing and caused the SADDEST moment of my hair history to take place. My hair turned into a pile of mush and would break off in chunks when touched. (SAD TIMES) I think I went home and cried for ages, not to mention the terrible dye job that left me with patchy color. Ever since that incident I've left my hair alone as much as I could with the occasional color touch up with a Manic Panic dye just over whichever bits of my hair that was light enough to take. To sum it all up, I had shit hair for over three months. Even after a trim, thinking that it would cut off the damage, I ended up with a billion more split ends and pieces that would break off at the ends... it was terrifying. I'd had suffered with terrible coppery shades in my hair from lack of bleaching (orange/ brown hair with purple obviously meant brass galore). Even though I looked ok in pictures and videos because there's things such as color correcting and filters (=_=), my mind had literally gone crazy a thousand times a day at the sight of that brass.

Any way, fast forward to today.

I finally braved myself to do a bleach bath and take off the built up dye accumulated in the past...forever. That left my roots bright orange. =_= ASIAN HAIR, WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME?! In a panic I threw on some Color Jamz dye in "not so shy violet", this used to cover my hair quite nicely when it's light yellow but orange.. I don't know, I tried it any way. I quickly became more desperate as I saw that it only turned the ends of my hair (the really bleached bits) blue, and the rest...well let's just say it was a patchy, muddy mess. The next thing I knew I rummaged through my stash of hair stuff and found half a tube of Pravana violet. In desperation, I slathered that right out of the tube onto my hair from the roots to half way through the lengths. Left that in for a little over thirty minutes, all at the same time praying to the hair Gods. And the final result?


It was AMAZING. It covered most of the patches aside from the few in the back that I couldn't see very well and didn't have the patience for. And I have to say that this is the few times I've felt this good about my hair in...MONTHS. Thank you Pravana!
I'm not gonna wash my hair for forever after this. I just won't. It's too good to be washed and I don't want to see patches after it being washed. I don't want to feel desperate and hopeless. LOL. =_= HAIR PROBLEMS!

Even, dark purple that I haven't seen in ages! Hellooooooooo nice hair!
Ugh, the natural highlights and dimension... I love it.
Roots looked a bit reddish purple in this picture but in person it's a rich, dark neutral purple. Going from orange yellow to this...I really can't complain.

Pravana Violet
I'm really happy with it right now. Gonna be in a good mood for the next weeks to come. :)


  1. This is the Chromasilk vivids in violet, right?

    I just bleached a chunk of my nearly black Asian hair to a light yellow, and I was going to put in blue/MP atomic turquoise. This post is making me seriously consider trying purple. At the very least, I'm convinced I need to finally try Pravana! These past years I've used Manic Panic since SFX was discontinued, I'm sure the difference in quality will astound me.

    1. Pravana is definitely more potent in terms on color vibrancy and longevity, but I like Manic Panic from time to time as well :)

    2. Pravana is definitely more potent in terms on color vibrancy and longevity, but I like Manic Panic from time to time as well :)