Saturday, May 9, 2015

Clothes Haul / Try On

Just got a bunch of clothes in the mail recently, mainly Spring and Summer stuff. I took so long editing this video =_=, it was so much work this time for some reason. I hope you guy enjoy it :D. 

 Outfit 1: Cropped shirt with some ripped boyfriend jeans. I think this is perfect for Spring. Casual, a little bit chic. Just a little. XD
Outfit 2: Floral top with black lace stockings. Kinda feminine but also a little grungy. Just how I like it. :)
Outfit 3: This... I don't know, I just threw them together. Looks okay though I think. :)
Outfit 4: Girly, flowy dress. Very Springy and super cute, I'd probably go to a picnic or brunch in this. XD
Outfit 5: Hmmmm....This dress really didn't look good on me! Hahahahahahahahah. But that's just the thing with online shopping, sometimes you get stuff you like and other times it's a complete miss! 

You can watch these outfits in action here:

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