Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wet N Wild Limited Edition (Silver Lake) Blush & Glow + Physicians Formula Retro Glow Mosaic Powder

I've been hearing people talk about the Wet n Wild Blush & Glow for quite some time now but never got around to trying it. Yesterday I randomly saw it in my Rite Aid and I obviously had to pick one up to try for myself. Wet N Wild almost never disappoints and I really had high expectations for these. There are three palettes to choose from. This one, a more peachy one, and a bronze one. Unfortunately, the Rite Aid I was at ran out of the peachy one (bummer). I wasn't too intrigued by the bronzy one since it had a lot of shimmer, so I just ended up grabbing this one. This palette is called "Fair Trade Coffee" and it comes with a fuschia blush, an off white high lighter, and a light bronzer. The moment I swatched them I already knew I was going to like them. The texture is very smooth and pigmentation was absolutely wonderful (just like all other Wet N Wild products). However, there is quite a bit of fall out when I tap my brush into the powders, but I can work around that for a price tag of $3.99. I really liked the way this product looked on my skin, it made my skin look slightly dewy almost...maybe dewy is a better word? All in all I really enjoyed this little number for the price. These are limited edition though, so grab them if you see them in your local drugstores before they run out!

Okay now onto these little gems I found at the Dollar Tree. Yes, the Dollar Tree! I've been hearing people talk about their sightings of Physicians Formula products at dollar stores but I've never found any personally. Yesterday I went to a Dollar Tree in a different city, one that I've never been to. And to my surprise...I found these! They are called the Retro Glow Mosaic Powder, I believe both are in the shade "translucent glow". At first when I swatched them I felt like they would be a bit too dark for my pale complexion despite the smooth texture. However, I actually quite liked the tad bit of color they gave once applied onto my face. We are getting closer and closer to summer I think these will do well once I get a little tanner. I wore them all day today, mostly the top one, the darker of the two. The texture is very smooth and it made my skin look very supple due to the tiny micro shimmers in it. I kept looking at my face throughout the day because I felt like it looked so smooth...hahaha. XD I did get oily throughout the day (nothing works on this greasy mess I call my face) so I did have to blot a few times. The yellower one of the two (one on the bottom), had a bit more shimmer for some reason but I like to use that as a subtle highlighter, which seems to work out very well. For one dollar...these are pretty good! You can see all three products used in pictures below, excuse the shower cap and dirty shirt, I was in the process of "re-purpling" my hair. :P If you guys have tried these out before let me know how you liked them! :)





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